AFL: Ex-Talons QB, Justin AllGood Interview

Justin AllGood played College Football at Central Oklahoma University. While attending Central Oklahoma AllGood was named 2nd-Team All-Conference in 2004 and 2005. In 2 seasons with Central Oklahoma AllGood passed for a total of 4,870 yards and 34 touchdowns before turning pro. AllGood played in both Arena Football League divisions AFL and AFL2 in his pro career. He has played for the Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz, Philadelphia Soul and the Tulsa Talons in his Arena Football career.

Justin Godsey: What was your college football experience like at Central Oklahoma ? 

Justin AllGood: My time there was amazing, got to meet some great people and the city of Edmond is the reason why I live in Oklahoma now. I just enjoyed every part of it. 

Justin Godsey: What was your favorite memory at Central Oklahoma ? 

Justin AllGood: My favorite memory really is the coaches that I played for. My head coach and QB coach were big mentors to me and a big reason why I am were I am today.

Justin Godsey: What  was the biggest challenge you had transitioning to from College Football to Arena Football ?

Justin AllGood: This was the biggest challenge I had to over come in my career. I was fortunate enough that in my first year i was the back up to Craig Strickland, who had played the game for a long time. and really got to learn the game which prepared me when i became the starter in Tulsa. 

Justin Godsey: How exciting was it to signing with the Tulsa Talons ? 

Justin AllGood: That one is kinda of a funny story. My first year I  was the back up in OKC. The next year Craig, The starter the year I was there retired to become the Offensive Coordinator for Tulsa. So I had resigned with the Yard Dawgz to battle for the starting job there. About a week or so before camp the Yard Dawgz traded me to Tulsa. At the time I was really upset about it because I was finishing up school in Edmond. But in the end it turned out to be a great move for me. I got to play for Craig and get to know coach Allner and ended up winning the Arena Bowl in 2007. 

Justin Godsey: After 4 seasons with the Tulsa Talons you left to sign with the Philadelphia Soul what went through your mind when you left the Tulsa Talons ? 

Justin AllGood: I had been with the Talons for Four seasons including the AF2 years so leaving was a very difficult decision for me. The reason I left was because I wanted to see what life in another city was like. All that I knew was life here in Oklahoma and I didn’t want to live my life with regrets about not seeing what else is out there. It was extremely difficult to leave the fans and especially the Coaches but in the end it all worked out and I ended up in the place that I belonged.

Justin Godsey: How does it feel working with Head Coach Mike Hohensee in Philadelphia ?

Justin AllGood: The thing I like about playing for him is that he finds a way to make you improve yourself in everything you do. He is a very passionate person and truly loves the Arena game. I learned a lot from him in the time that i was in Philly and I wish that I could played better for him and myself

Justin Godsey: Do you plan on working your way to the National Football League ?

Justin AllGood: I been playing the arena game for 6 seasons now, I would love to make it to the NFL but I think my place is playing inside. I don’t know if i can even throw the ball past 50 yards anymore. So, Think I’m going to finish my career in the Arena Football League.

Justin Godsey: Is there any advice you can give to future Arena Football quarterbacks ? 

Justin AllGood: Yeah, if you truly love the game of football, Then stick with it. It can be very difficult at times and really test you as a person. But the memories and life long friends I’ve made makes playing this game an incredible experience.  


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